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The Best Bee Trap: $19.95 - Money Back Guarantee

The Best Bee Trap

Do you need to get rid of carpenter bees? Do you have a carpenter bee infestation or a carpenter bee problem? We can help you get rid of and control carpenter bee problems. The holes in the carpenter bee trap mimic the entrance of a carpenter bee nest. No bait or poison is needed. These carpenter bee traps have been extensively tested and work so well that we have a 100% money back guarantee. It is the carpenter bee trap that works! If it does not solve your carpenter bee problem, we will buy it back.

ARTICLE: The Best Bee Trap and Bee Butter Kill Carpenter Bees

INSTRUCTIONS: Carpenter Bee Trap Instructional Video

PATENT: Patent# 8375624

EPA NUMBER: 90079-AL-001

Simply screw an empty plastic bottle on the carpenter bee trap (a small hole in the bottom of the bottle will prevent it from filling with water). Place carpenter bee traps anywhere you see carpenter bees. The carpenter bee trap has a flat top and one flat side so it may be screwed to wood directly over the existing carpenter bee holes. You can also just hang the carpenter bee trap by the wire on top. If you wish to remove the wire, just push it out through the bottom of the carpenter bee trap. If you have a new structure and want to avoid a carpenter bee infestation, place the carpenter bee traps on corners and peaks of buildings for the best results. Carpenter bees really prefer the sunny side, so the carpenter bee traps will catch more carpenter bees on that side. In structures badly infested with carpenter bees, use our carpenter bee butter to wipe them out. Then, by having the carpenter bee traps around your building, you will prevent new carpenter bee infestations. You only need to empty a carpenter bee trap if the bottom bottle is full. The dead and buzzing carpenter bees are an attractant to other carpenter bees. To discard a full bottle, simply unscrew it an put on a cap. Replace it with another standard bottle. Although the carpenter bees are most active and do their breeding and fighting in the spring, carpenter bees sleep in holes year round. Your carpenter bee trap will be effective all through the warm season when carpenter bees are flying.

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